Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Craig Boardman

Meet Craig Boardman. He has been a wheelchair user since he was 6, after a bad accident that broke his back. Here at Slamm, we saw some clips of him riding and, after discovering his situation, felt that Craig could be a big inspiration to other people out there who may feel limited and want to do something similar.

Here are some words from Craig about his story...

  "I was born on 7th December 1999 but my life started again in 2006 when I was 6, even though your life is not supposed to start again. 

I died and then came back to life after my accident. I had to put up each day with disabilities, inabilities and injuries. 

However, when scooting I have found my greatest success, pleasure and mates. Every time I go to a skate park people ask me what’s wrong with your legs and I get funny looks from them. I explain and they think how can he ride a scooter like that. The only reason I started to ride a scooter was to get about without using a wheelchair because it made me feel more normal in a group of friends. 

Sometimes its hard to wake up in the morning and jump into a wheelchair but then I get a phone call from my mates and I am spurred on to get on and to pad up, tighten my scooter and jump straight into it."

Craig currently also does wheelchair racing and is the UK under 20s champion. He is 11th in the country overall (all ages). He is also training for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and uses scooting as his way to relax.

We are really pleased to have started working with Craig and have him as a flow rider for Slamm!

Check out his latest few clips here:

Friday, 22 January 2016

One Session - Leo Spencer and Cody Pattinson

Check out the latest edit from Cody Pattinson and his riding buddy, Leo Spencer. 

In this edit, Cody is riding his Slamm Assault deck and custom setup. 

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Introducing the all-new Urban V!

The best-selling Slamm scooter just got even better!
Now fitted with an extruded 2-piece connector, internal semi-sealed headset and fresh new graphics!

Available mid December from all good scooter stockists. 

Monday, 23 November 2015

Wreckless Scooter Jam 2015

We are very pleased to be supporting this year's Wreckless Scooter Jam. 

This jam is open to a wide range of ages, with 4 age categories to compete in! 

For more information, check out the Wreckless Facebook page. 

Friday, 6 November 2015

Introducing the Stark

The Stark sits covertly between the Classic and Urban models, making it an awesome beginner scooter, for those newer riders looking to pick up the pace and throw down some great tricks.

If you are starting out and then feel you are progressing with your riding and want to up your level, you can customise your Stark and upgrade with other great Slamm components. This neat looking, minimal graphic model will stay with you way beyond your early stages of freestyle riding!
Available in two sleek colour ways.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Alex Parry - Recents

Check out Alex's latest edit, "Recents"!

In this video Alex is riding a combination of set ups, including the Slamm Rebel III deck and Slamm V-Ten II 110mm Alloy core wheels.

Get To Know…Alex Parry

We thought it would be good for our readers to get to know our riders a little better, so lets get to know Alex Parry

How long have you been riding?
I’ve now been riding scooters for 4 years! I started back in August 2011.

What Slamm parts are you riding at the moment?
I'm currently riding the deck and wheels from the Slamm Rebel III.

Do you only ride a scooter, or are you involved in any other action sports?
I'm not really into any other action sports as much as I am with scootering, but I do enjoy a bit of football and basketball from time to time.

What’s your favourite trick so far?
My favourite so far will have to be a triple whip. People who ride with me will tell you the same thing aha. Although I can do more whips than just a triple, you never see me ride anywhere without trying one in every place possible.

Where’s your favourite place to ride?
My favourite place to ride has to be the House Skatepark in Sheffield, its not too far to get to from were my friends and I live, plus the ramps and rails are great!

Scooting? Riding? Scootering? What do you call it? 
To be honest I think you can call it anything you wish to call it, personally I call it just riding. But to anyone else who doesn't ride scooters, I believe Scootering is the best term to use.

Do you prefer to ride solo or with friends?
I prefer to ride with my friends, when you’re around your friends theres this vibe which just gets you pumped to try things you thought you couldn't do.

Most prized possession apart from anything scooter-related:
My most prized possession would probably be my car. I love it to pieces.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Get To Know... Cody Pattinson

We thought it would be good for our readers to get to know our riders a little better, so firstly lets get to know Cody Pattinson... 

How long have you been riding?
2 years.

What Slamm parts are you riding at the moment?
The Slamm Assault deck.

Do you only ride a scooter or are you involved in any other action sports?
I ride scooters mainly but like to have a mess about on BMXs. 

What's your favourite trick so far?
Either a 360 bar bar or a heelwhip kickless.

Where's your favourite place to ride?
I'd say Adrenaline Alley, also known as "Corby".

Scooting? Riding? Scootering? What do you call it?

Do you prefer to ride solo or with friends?
I prefer to ride with friends as you can help them, they can help you. You both support each other and you don't get bored on your own. 

Most prized possession apart from anything scooter-related:
I would say my iPad as it is the first thing I go on when I get home and is the last thing i go on before I go to bed. 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Bury St. Edmunds Skatepark Jam 2015

We are pleased to be sponsorsoring this year's Bury St. Edmunds Skatepark Jam, 
in association with Hardcore hobbies.
Slamm prizes will be awarded to the best newcomer in the scooter comp. 

For more information head over to the Hardcore Hobbies Facebook page

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Slamm Urban XTRM II

The Urban XTRM II takes all the great features of the Urban IV and pushes it even further for riders who demand more from their freestyle scooter!

With wider BMX style Y-bars, lightened fork and our new lightweight 100mm Orbit metal core wheels, The XTRM is the perfect intermediate scooter that can handle the most extreme riding!

Product Specification:
  • Extruded Neck / Headtube - 4.13” X 19” Box Deck
  • 20.5” X 23.2” Oversized BMX Style Y-Bar
  • Oversized Double Clamp With Steel Kingpin Insert
  • Punched Steel Threaded Fork
  • 125mm Dual Compound Impact Bar Grips
  • 100mm Disk Alloy Core 88A Urethane Wheels
  • Abec-9 Chrome Bearings
  • Carbon Composite Flex Brake
  • Neco Roller Tapered Bearing Headset
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 100Kg
  • Age: 8+